5 things you should know before IVF treatment

  1. Infertility is not uncommon : Infertility is a common phenomenon nowadays. Statistics show that out of 6 couples, there will be 1 couple who encounters this problem.
  2. Age Affects IVF Success Rate : When it comes to infertility treatment, the younger you do the better in terms of success rate.
  3. Frozen embryo performance is no different from fresh cycle embryo: Statistically, frozen cycle embryo transfer has a higher chance of success than fresh cycle embryo transfer.
  4. You may need more than one cycle of treatment: IVF success rates are over 50% on average.
  5. You can test your baby for genetic abnormalities before conception : If you have concerns about genetic abnormalities or diseases. With NGS technology, you can perform genetic testing on embryos prior to implantation.

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