3 important reasons why girls today should do Egg Freezing and what are the benefits of Egg Freezing?

  1. The number and quality of egg cells decrease with the age of women. A woman’s fertility works best between the ages of 20 and 30.
    As we enter our 40s, our fertility rate declines because the quality of the oocytes decreases as a woman ages and stops developing as menopause approaches.
    Therefore, Egg Freezing ensures that you will be able to have quality egg cells to use even if you are no longer in the fertile stage.
  2. In addition to keeping the eggs waiting for the right person, another reason is work because today’s women want to build security in life before deciding to have a baby. With the egg freezing method, you can fully focus on your work. You will not worry about having a baby at an older age. We are ready to make your life more choices.
  3. Health factors can affect having a baby, such as chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. It can affect fertility and sometimes cause infertility, especially reproductive cancers can result in the removal of a woman’s ovaries. Egg freezing may reduce the effects of treatment.

Today’s medical technology, in addition to giving you a better quality of life, also gives you more choices in life. If any ladies are interested in asking for more information about Egg Freezing, you can contact us.

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