Pre-marital health check

Pre-marital health check

Posted : 16 June 2023

Pre-marital health check is a screening and assessment of the physical health of men and women before living together or getting married. It is also a preparation for planning pregnancy and reducing the risk of infertility in the future as well. 

Pre-marital health checks are designed by a team of specialists with expertise and experience. It is to be able to identify future health problems accurately, clearly and to the point in order to prevent any potential risks. Planning a health checkup before marriage and having children can also plan life for the couple in the long term as well. It is to build readiness, boost confidence and understand the health status of the couple as well.

Who is Pre-marital health check suitable for ?

  • Couples who are getting married or planning a wedding
  • Couples who want to plan for having children in the future
  • People who want to know about physical health problems that may arise from some infectious or communicable diseases.
  • People who want to know the genetic characteristics of their loved ones in order to plan their families and have children in the future. 

How good is the pre-marital health check?


  • To prepare and plan married life before and after having children
  • To assess the safety of children in case the spouse wants to have children
  • To assess the risk of infertility.
  • To prepare the body, prevent and reduce the risk of transmitting latent genetic diseases to loved ones or children.