Gynecologic treatment

Cervical cancer screening test

Cancer is easier to prevent than to cure.
At IWC Clinic, we offer special promotions and packages for cervical cancer screening using Thin Prep + HPV.

Things to know : More than 70% of cervical cancer causes are caused by #Infected with the HPV virus. All sexually active women are at risk of contracting this infection. Also, most people who are infected with HPV do not show any symptoms. Many women are unaware that they are infected with HPV and are at risk of developing cervical cancer.

But you can prevent this silent threat by:
📌 Cervical cancer screening
📌 Vaccination against HPV

At IWC Clinic, we have a comprehensive team of specialists. If you want more information, feel free to contact us.



HPV vaccination

HPV Vaccine or Cervical Cancer Vaccine is a vaccine that protects against HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) infection which is a major cause of cervical cancer.
The HPV virus causes chronic inflammation of the cervical cells and can transform into cancerous cells.
Advantages of the HPV vaccine:

  • Highly effective protection against HPV.
  • Very few side effects. Although there may be pain, swelling, itching, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, but this will resolve on its own.
  • It can be combined with cervical cancer screening.
  • It can protect against HPV in both females and males.

At IWC Clinic, we offer cervical cancer vaccination service for both 4 strains and 9 strains. If you are interested in more information, please contact us.



Reproductive hormonal disorders

Girls with acne, oily skin, overweight or hairy skin may be unknowingly dealing with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). Let’s get to know the disease.

What is #PCOS?
At present, the exact cause of this disease is not known, but the following abnormal symptoms are often found:

  1. Too high of testosterone causes male-like characteristics, including lots of hair, acne, oily skin, baldness.
  2. Insulin resistance has symptoms similar to type 2 diabetes. It affects ovulation and causes menstrual irregularities, weight gain and fat accumulation as well as infertility.

If PCOS is found early, the risk can be reduced.
If anyone is experiencing the above symptoms, they should immediately see a specialist for diagnosis and continuous treatment. This can help you recover and reduce your risk of developing other complications.

Even those who do not have the above symptoms should have regular check-ups as an early precaution.

At IWC Clinic, we have an internal ultrasound program for PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome).
If anyone is really interested in taking care of their health, you can ask for more information from us.



Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Did you know that “color of vaginal discharge” can indicate women’s health? First of all, let’s get to know vaginal discharge.

What is vaginal discharge?
It is a secretion that is excreted through the vagina. It helps in lubrication. Prevent infection and irritation. The color and amount of vaginal discharge varies from person to person and during the menstrual cycle. The appearance of vaginal discharge that is usually white, clear, odorless, and not itchy. As for the strange white discharge, what does it mean, let’s see.
📌Brown vaginal discharge: some may have blood mixed in. It is most often found after menopause. It’s considered normal. If there is a foul odor combined with a burning sensation, a doctor should be consulted to further determine the cause.
📌Green discharge: It is caused by bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted infection. It is often accompanied by itching and a fishy smell.
📌Gray discharge: it indicates that you may have a bacterial infection or inflammation in the vagina and cervix. It is often accompanied by a strong fishy and itchy odor. The cause may be from antibiotics or from sexual intercourse.
📌Yellowish vaginal discharge: It will have a fishy smell and itching or urination. It can be caused by a bacterial infection, such as gonorrhea, or from a fungal or viral infection.
📌Pinkish vaginal discharge: This is a sign of having a menstrual cycle or shedding of the uterine lining, which is often found after birth, known as “lochia”.

Abnormal vaginal discharge is a warning sign of a woman’s internal health. Therefore, if you are facing abnormal vaginal discharge, you can inquire at the IWC clinic.”


Menopause and climacteric symptoms

Menopause is a word that many people don’t want to hear or want to happen, but in the end, we all have to face “menopause”.
If we know how to adapt to the changes that occur and prepare to cope with them in the right way, we will live happily both physically and mentally for sure.
🥰 Know first, prevent first! See if you are in the menopause already.
📌 Aged 45 years and over.
📌 Menstruation starts to come irregular and shorter.
📌Dry skin, thin hair, sore and dry vagina
📌 Sweating, sleeping at night even in an air-conditioned room.
📌 Decreased memory ability, difficulty falling asleep, and mood swings.

✅ If you think you’re in menopause, the first thing you should do is a care for changing one’s behavior, whether it’s diet, exercise or even calming the mind. Menopause is not a disease, but a satisfaction in the conditions of each individual.
✅ If you are still concerned about the symptoms that occur, we recommend that you consult a specialist doctor to treat hormones and the use of various vitamins to suit you.

It can help you step into a happy menopause. At IWC Clinic (IWC), led by Dr. Pattarapoom, we are ready to give you one-on-one counseling and personal care for all those with menopause. Please contact us.


Birth control or female contraception

Injectable contraceptive
Injectable contraceptive is a temporary method of contraception. It is injected into a woman’s muscle for a period of time prescribed by a doctor. After that, hormones are gradually excreted. It is a very popular method for women who want to space their fertility because of its high effectiveness, simplicity, convenience and low cost.

Injectable contraceptive advantages:

  • Service is easy because the methods and equipment for the service are not complicated. It can be widely available to women because of its few contraindications.
  • Very effective in contraception. (more than or equivalent to oral contraceptive pills)
  • Low cost compared to other birth control methods, such as the birth control pill or IUD.
  • It is convenient, easy to use as a single injection can provide contraception for up to 3 months without having to use it every day like the pill.
  • Do not interrupt the sexual intercourse.
  • Can be used well while breastfeeding as it does not dry up the milk.
  • The absence of menstruation after the injection has a positive effect on health, especially for those with anemia.